Becoming a Pattern Tester

Hello! Thank you for your interest in becoming a pattern tester. I rely on your support to make and showcase these blanket and pillow patterns before releasing them to the public. 
Please keep reading to learn more about my testing process and your responsibilities as a tester. A link to the application form is at the bottom of the page if you're still interested.

Why become a tester?

There are so many reason, here's a few of my favorites.

  • Early look at new designs!
  • Learning a new skill or stitch
  • Join a group of other bookish fiber artists
  • Photos are featured in listings and on social media
  • A fun new project!

The testing process

The main goal of having a group of fellow crocheters review each of the patterns is to get pictures of the finished products since I am not physically capable of creating all of the patterns. 

I am fairly confident in the method I use to create the instructions, but mistakes do happen. Review of the stitch count, spelling or grammar errors, and overall readability of the pattern. Suggestions can be made as comments in the pattern that will be shared with you and other testers in an online doc via Google Drive. 

Communication throughout the testing phase will be made in a private Discord server. This is a great place to post updates, questions about the pattern, advice or help from other testers and general excitement of picking yarn colors! 

I try to give a reasonable testing period so that you can determine a good working pace in order to complete the project on time. I am well aware that things come up and life happens so if at any point you will no longer be able to meet the deadline or can’t commit to being a tester please tell me! As long as there is good communication I will understand. TAT for the 2 current project types are as follows

  • Pillows/Wall tapestries: 4-5 weeks
  • Blankets: 10-14 weeks


Pattern Tester Responsibilities

  • Follow the pattern
    • Use the recommended yarn weights and hook size
    • Do your best to get the correct color counts
  • Provide feedback and photos
    • At least one progress photo via the discord group
    • 3-4 photos of the finished blanket and 1-2 short video clips
      • Should be in focus, well-lit and unedited
      • In-use and using props 
  • Copyright
    • Do not share or publish any part of the pattern
  • Optional
    • Post on your own social media or share the project in other ways and credit me

Designer Responsibilities

I will be available for support and answer pattern related questions in a timely manner. My aim is to respond within 24 hours, please keep in mind that there are time zone differences as some testers will be international.

I will listen to and implement feedback and edits according to suggestions. Updates may be made during the testing process as well as at the end of the period before the patten release. 

Provide each tester who completes all requirements with a free pattern of choice (equal to the pattern tested) and a discount to my entire shop! 


Apply by filling out the form below! By completing the application you are expressing interest in being a tester and does not guarantee you will be selected. If selected you will receive an email to join the discord server.

*Failure to complete the test on time without communicating will lead to removal of the group, forfeit of the incentive and a ban on being a tester in the future*

Tester Application